College Life Swag.


We Back At It!!!

Me and Fresh are back at SU and about to go to work…WHOOOOOP

We have so much to post but we really want to know what you guys want to see.

Who is someone you want to see quoted on CLS?

Jan 2

2 Weeks Left….

Me and Fresh will be back in the Doah and making post once again in 2 weeks…so be ready to re blog like you have never re-blogged before….

Whats Gucci My Nigga!

So You Guys Know

Me and Fresh are from 2 different states so the masterminds behind CLS won’t be able to make post until after winter break…We still love all our followers tho!

Dec 6

how do you make your picture posts?


We take pictures, then go onto paint….and become savages!!!!

Dec 1